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Ants are usually occasional invaders inside your home because they are attracted to something. Many times out of curiosity they find their way in and once inside stumble on a food or water source.

If the food or water source is removed it is likely the ants will disappear. It is possible to have a colony of ants living inside the structure of your home. The ability to nest indoors is most often associated with pharaoh ants, some colonies of pavement ants, and carpenter ants.

Ants can be found anywhere in the Black Hills and Rapid City area. Call Dave Cole at Cole Pest Control, 605-641-7171, to eliminate all ant problems in your home or business.

Bed BugBed Bugs:

Bed Bugs are flat insects about 3/16 of an inch long as adults. They are reddish brown in color. Newly hatched babies are no bigger than the head of a pin and lighter in color. Bed bugs feed on human blood preferably, but if forced to will feed on other mammals. It is possible for you to have bed bugs in your home if you have recently traveled, had visitors stay with you, or if you have acquired any used furniture.

Call Cole Pest Control at 605-641-7171 to eliminate bed bugs in your home or business.


BeeBees & Wasps:

Stinging insects are hard to prevent due to their foraging nature and nesting habits. Some species found in the Spearfish and Deadwood area are paper wasps, wild bees, and yellow jackets.

Paper wasp nests appear to be made of paper and so the name has come about. Their nests are compartments hooked together to form a gallery where the wasps lay eggs and raise their young. The nests are found in areas that are sheltered such as the eaves of houses.

Yellow jackets are nearly the same insect in habits.

Wild bees inhabit holes that are already created. You will see the bees constantly flying in and out of a hole somewhere. Do not disturb them! All stinging insects pose a danger because of their sting and; depending on how you react; can cause mere pain all the way across the spectrum to death.

Homes and cabins through out the Black Hills, especially the Spearfish and Deadwood areas have experienced trouble with wasps in the cool days of fall. Call Cole Pest Control at 605-641-7171 for help with stinging insect extermination.

Box Elder BugBox Elder Bugs

The South Dakota communities and surrounding countryside of Sturgis and Belle Fouche have problems with box elder bugs and flies in the spring and fall. The ½ inch long bugs are mostly black with red markings. They have wings and fly when disturbed. Box Elder Bugs invade homes in the fall as the days cool down in search of a warm winter home. You’ll find them on the sunny sides of your home and buildings. Many times you’ll see them in clumps huddled together. During the warm months they feed on box elder, maple, and ash trees as well as other seed bearing plants.

Cole Pest Control can take care of this pest for you. Just call 605-641-7171 for service


Black WidowSpiders

Spiders are predators. They feed on other insects. They move indoors as the weather cools; especially Wolf spiders in the Belle Fouche area. Their entry points are the cracks around windows and doors, access under siding and from there a break in the sill plate. There are approximately 3,000 different spiders in North America. Of that number only the Black Widow and Brown Recluse have venom toxic enough that it can be life threatening to humans. Cole Pest Control can eliminate all of your spider infestations so give them a call at 605-641-7171.


carpenterantsCarpenter Ants

Deadwood and Spearfish Canyon cabins and homes quite often suffer from Carpenter Ant damage. Carpenter ants establish nests in decaying wood and from there move into the surrounding viable wood. The main nest is usually outdoors and these ants are dormant through the cold months. So if you see carpenter ants inside your home during the winter you can be sure that you have a satellite nest somewhere within your structure. Carpenter ants do not eat wood; they excavate it to make a home for the colony. They eat bugs and also the same food that you eat. For help with Carpenter ants in the Spearfish or Deadwood area of South Dakota call Cole Pest Control at 605-641-7171.  


Centipedes look like hairy worms. They have one set of legs on each segment of their bodies and can be 1/8 of an inch to 6 inches long. They have antennae on their heads and eyes on each side of it. If one is found in your home it will be in a place of high moisture: basements, bathrooms, or somewhere with a water leak. It is also possible to find them in potted plants. Usually they will be found outside and find their way inside through gaps at the sill plate or around water pipes and cables. Centipedes do bite occasionally and it can be very painful. For help with centipedes in the South Dakota communities of Rapid City, Sturgis, Deadwood, Spearfish and Bell Fouche call Cole Pest Control at 605-641-7171.


clusterfliesCluster Flies

Cluster flies are a common nuisance pest in the Deadwood area. Adult flies are 3/8 to ½ inch long. These flies become a problem as the days and nights cool down and they congregate around homes and cabins to find warmth. They enter through cracks in the logs of cabins and cracks around doors and windows, going under siding as they follow warm drafts, or through the vent holes in soffits on up into attics. During the winter they lie dormant until a warm sunny day awakens them and they come inside your warm living space rather than go back out into the cold outdoors. For help with flies call Cole Pest Control at 605-641-7171.



There are many species of cockroaches in the Rapid City and Black Hills area. Cockroaches prefer warm conditions found within buildings. They are mainly nocturnal and will run away when exposed to light. Consequently if you are seeing roaches in your house in the daytime it means they are being forced out of hiding because of over population, an indication of a severe infestation. Do not use total-release foggers in your home to combat roaches. They will hide deep inside walls to escape the pesticide which makes them much harder to eliminate. Roaches leave droppings and cast off skins around your home that aggravate allergies and asthma. To rid your home or business of roaches call Cole Pest Control at 605-641-7171.



Fleas are a parasite about 1/8 of an inch long that can be found in any of the towns serviced by Cole Pest Control from Belle Fouche to Rapid City. They are brown to reddish brown and can jump about 6 inches high. They have very hard bodies and you will find it hard to kill one with your finger. If you are a pet owner the fleas possibly came into your home on your pet. Your pet would have gotten them from outside or from a visit to the vet or somewhere else you may have taken them. If you do not have a pet or if your pet never leaves the house then you must have the fleas in your yard or some other area you are walking through. Fleas will crawl up pants legs or socks and bite you with out you even being aware unless you happen to look down and notice them. Most flea bites will be on your lower legs. Once they are in your home they will hitch a ride on your pet and feed and lay eggs and so the cycle goes. Fleas carry many diseases as well as tapeworm. To eliminate fleas from your residence call Cole Pest Control at 605-641-7171.



Pantry-Pests-225x300Pantry Pests

Pantry pests include beetles and moths that infest dry food products such as rice, corn, flour, cereal, pasta, crackers, pet food, birdseed, nuts and dried fruit. Indian meal moth, saw-toothed grain beetle, and the confused flour beetle are the most common. To eliminate these pests from your home call Cole Pest Control at 605-641-7171.